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Сабвуфер SVS PB-1000 фазоинверторного типа

  Сабвуфер SVS PB-1000 фазоинверторного типа, фото 1
 Сабвуфер SVS PB-1000 фазоинверторного типа, фото 2  Сабвуфер SVS PB-1000 фазоинверторного типа, фото 3
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    • Контактное лицо:
      Максим Фроленков
    • Адрес:
      ул. Западенская 5, Киев, Украина
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Компания SVS - один из мировых лидеров в производстве сабвуферов. Высокое качество компонентов и мощный панч. SVS PB-1000  - отличный выбор для домашнего кинотеатра в комнатах среднего размера. Честные 19 Гц и 300 Вт продолжительной мощности ( 700 Вт пиковой ) создадут непередаваемую атмосферу при просмотре блокбастеров.  


Subwoofer101.com Reviews Dual PB-1000, See Video
“Probably the smartest buy in bass and that’s not just because of performance and price point. SVS’ customer service is legendary…To have something that inexpensive do that well down to 20 hertz was just really impressive.”


AVProductReviews reviews PB-1000 Subwoofer, Read Review
The PB-1000 hits all the right notes…It outperforms nearly everything I’ve heard in this price range… It’s low-frequency punch with movies and music is indicative of subs that cost much more.”


AVForums, Review by Stephen Withers, Read Review

“The PB-1000 produces the kind of forceful, yet detailed bass that we would expect from more powerful and certainly more expensive subwoofers… If SVS's goal was to create a subwoofer that could deliver deep bass at a price that doesn't require deep pockets, then they have succeeded beyond all hope.”

Audioholics, 2013 Consumer Excellence Award, Read Review

“Let's recap. Great price, check. Great performance, check. Great customer service, check. Three checks and the PB-1000 breezes into a winning spot in our 2013 Consumer Excellence Award competition.”


Home Theater Shack, Review by Jim Wilson, Read Review

 "The PB-1000 handled its sweeps down to "feel it" level... the bass was potent and rich...and had a very clean presentation to boot. I could actually feel it in my chest...with powerful depth and impact."


Audiohead, Review, Read Review

“I immediately noticed a positive impact on the sound... you can feel it in your chest. Movies explode, delight and frighten just a little more with a lower sub sonic signature.”


Digital Hippos, Review by Dustin Orgill, Read Review

 "...the pinnacle of value in home theater...To say that this sub digs deep would be a huge understatement...you will not be disappointed


Производитель   SVS
Страна производитель США
Тип   Напольная
Назначение   Сабвуфер
Тип акустической системы   Активная
Акустическое оформление   Фазоинверторного типа
Мощность 300.0 (Вт)
Максимальная мощность   700.0 (Вт)
Минимальная частота   19 (Гц)
Максимальная частота   270 (Гц)
Гарантийный срок   60 (мес)
Состояние Новое
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  • Цена: 19 943 грн.
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