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Сабвуфер SVS PB-2000 фазоинверторного типа

  Сабвуфер SVS PB-2000 фазоинверторного типа, фото 1
 Сабвуфер SVS PB-2000 фазоинверторного типа, фото 2  Сабвуфер SVS PB-2000 фазоинверторного типа, фото 3
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    • Контактное лицо:
      Максим Фроленков
    • Адрес:
      ул. Западынская 5, Киев, Украина
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Компания SVS - один из мировых лидеров в производстве сабвуферов. Безупречное качество компонентов и высококлассный звук. SVS PB-2000  - отличный выбор для домашнего кинотеатра в комнатах 25-35 кв м. Честные 17 Гц и 500 Вт продолжительной мощности ( 1100 Вт пиковой ) создадут непередаваемую атмосферу при просмотре блокбастеров.


HighDefDigest Reviews SB-2000 and PB-2000, by Joshua Zyber, Read Review

PB-2000 – “The PB-2000 gave me a kick in the chest…It sounds great with both music and movies…excellent subwoofer for home theater, I recommend it heartily.”

SB-2000 and PB-2000 receive Sound & Vision’s Top Pick award, Review by David Vaughn, View Award

“You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better bass value than what either of these subwoofers offers...each sub reproduced deeper bass response that I could literally feel in my sternum; it shook the house!”


Widescreen Review Reviews SB-2000 and PB-2000 Subwoofers, Doug Blackburn (Print only)

PB-2000 - “It is honestly mind blowing to hear the depth, power and quality of bass SVS delivers for less than $1,000. Highly recommended, even if you were planning on spending much more on a subwoofer.”

About.com - Brent Butterworth Reviews the PB-2000, Read Review

"…the PB-2000 didn't just reproduce the notes, it almost felt like the big woofers in a good club P.A. system, with effortless, raw physical power and nary a trace of distortion."


HomeTheaterReview.com awards PB-2000 Best of 2014, View Award

"…capable of the necessary brute force…surprisingly nuanced and detailed."

Audioholics’ Tom Andry reviews the SB-2000 and PB-2000, Read Review

"…SVS is offering technology normally reserved for subwoofers two or three times the asking price of 2000 series… The SB-2000 and PB-2000 set a new bar in the performance/price category…"

AVSForum – Mark Henninger Reviews the PB-2000, Read Review

"Among subwoofers that are capable of playing as low as 17 Hz, there are few with that capability that cost less…The PB-2000 earns my unreserved recommendation…”


HomeTheaterReview.com, Review by Dennis Burger, Read Review

"…incredibly impactful yet refined…yet again, SVS has proven to be a company that defies expectations based on aesthetics and price…"

Reference Home Theater - Chris Heinonen Reviews the PB-2000, Read Review

"Everything seems to come alive a bit more when the PB-2000 plays… my home theater seats actually vibrate."

Производитель   SVS
Страна производитель США
Тип   Напольная
Назначение   Сабвуфер
Тип акустической системы   Активная
Акустическое оформление   Фазоинверторного типа
Мощность 500.0 (Вт)
Максимальная мощность   1100.0 (Вт)
Минимальная частота   17 (Гц)
Максимальная частота   260 (Гц)
Гарантийный срок   60 (мес)
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  • Цена: 32 718 грн.