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Напольная акустика SVS Ultra Tower

  Напольная акустика SVS Ultra Tower, фото 1
 Напольная акустика SVS Ultra Tower, фото 2  Напольная акустика SVS Ultra Tower, фото 3  Напольная акустика SVS Ultra Tower, фото 4

41 600 грн./пара

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3.5 полосная акустика от американской компании SVS, получившая многочисленные награды и рекомендации критиков . Были признаны "Лучшей покупкой 2013 года" .

Квартет из восьмидюймовых НЧ диффузоров обеспечивают плотный и глубокий бас.  Великолепная динамика и открытый, масштабный звук.  Рекомендуются для помещений не менее 25 кв м. 

Использовались два раза на выставках и около месяца в домашних условиях для ознакомления.  Техническое и косметическое состояния - на отлично. От новых , практически, ничем не отличаются. 


TharBamar Audio Reviews, read review
“Bass response is the best ever bass reproduction I have experienced in my system…scale was as big as listening to live concert, very well composed and naturally musical sound, even at 110db of loudness. Tremendous value and performance, SVS Ultra Towers are truly remarkable speakers.”

Hi Res Audio Central, Ultra Tower Review by Ron Goldberg, Read Review

“Hats off to the SVS crew for introducing what may turn out to be a classic loudspeaker model, and making it easy to own…the Ultra Towers are among the best values I’ve heard at this price point.”

CNET, Review by Steve Guttenberg, Read Review

 “SVS may be best known for its outrageously fine subwoofers, but the Audiophiliac thinks its Ultra Tower is the gem in the line.”

Hifizine.com, Review by Patrick Dillon, Read Review

“Impressive value, great looks, and easy set-up; the cost of entry to full-size high end speakers is lower than ever.”

Thom Moon - GoodSound!, Read Review

“The SVS Ultra Tower is a phenomenal accomplishment at the price; there's just nothing I've heard for $2000/pair, or even for significantly more, that comes close.”


Audioholics, Review by Marshall Guthrie, Read Review

“...these are beautiful, capable speakers that are also a terrific value...remarkable speakers at a head turning price...their performance stands toe to toe with much more expensive contenders”


Home Theater Review.com, Review by Andrew Robinson, Read Review

“The level of detail and inflection captured and put forth by the Ultra Series speakers was incredible…Simply put, the whole experience was fantastic. What more can an enthusiast on a budget ask for? I couldn't think of anything…”


Sixmoons.com, Review by Glen Wagenknecht, Read Review

“The SVS Ultra Tower hits higher-tier performance benchmarks that keep it fiercely competitive against products many times its modest cost. An overachiever on all levels…It's a stunning price/performance ratio that constitutes a genuine bargain.”


Home Theater Forum, Review by Sam Chandler, Read Review

 “These speakers, particularly the Tower, can do anything...performed flawlessly.”


LA Audio File, Review by Kevin Nakano, Read Review

“The SVS Ultra Towers are certainly one of the best sounding speakers we have heard in the sub-$2000 (per pair) category. The ability to reproduce subtle details, provide a wide soundstage with excellent and seamless bass reproduction make this a highly attractive loudspeaker.”

Home Cinema Choice, Review by Adam Rayner, Read Review

“The bass from the quartet of 8in drivers and that weapons-grade hammer of a bass driver is wondrous. Rapid beyond belief, with astonishing grip and literally no overhang at all... But there's more than just an iron grip and lack of bass boominess - this is a whole package of loveliness...the SVS system's midband and effortless, soaring, clean and pure highs were able to entertain as well as unnerve.”

Производитель   SVS
Страна производитель США
Тип   Напольная
Назначение   Фронтальный громкоговоритель
Тип акустической системы   Пассивная
Акустическое оформление   Фазоинверторного типа
Количество полос   3.5
Мощность 300.0 (Вт)
Чувствительность   88.0 (дБ)
Минимальная частота   28 (Гц)
Максимальная частота   32000 (Гц)
Материал корпуса МДФ
Цвет корпуса   Черный
Гарантийный срок   60 (мес)
Дополнительные функции и характеристики
Импеданс   8 (Ом)
Габаритные размеры
Вес 34.2 (кг)
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  • Цена: 41 600 грн./пара