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Сабвуфер SVS PC-2000

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      Максим Фроленков
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      ул. Западынская 5, Киев, Украина
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Последнее поколение сабов от SVS ( 2000 ), получившее многочисленные положительные отзывы критиков. Эта модель имеет отличную систему виброразвязки SVS Subwoofer Isolation System, которая раньше предлагалась только опционально за отдельную плату.
Цилиндрические сабвуферы занимают мало места, поэтому это идеальный вариант, когда нужно получить максимум панча и давления с единицы площади.


Stereowise, PC-2000, Read Review
Sonic overload, it was loud, clean, dynamic and hard-hitting. It shook the whole house! Based on its design, features, quality and performance, the SVS PC-2000 has earned our Highly Recommended Award

HomeTheaterForum.com, Dual PC-2000 Subwoofers, Read Review
“These subs do such a good job at producing low end, that sometimes there are scenes where the bass ramps up while the sound drops out, and the experience shifts from your ears to your chest cavity. If not for these subs, half of the experience would be missed.”

NewRecordDay, Dual PC-2000 Subwoofers – Watch Video
“Bazookas of bass awesomeness. Deep, powerful and downright musical, completely satisfied the bass freak in me. You are headed for sonic paradise.”

Audioholics – Read Review
“The PC-2000 has very accurate bass reproduction, deep low frequency extension, smooth integration and is the market leader in terms of footprint vs. performance.”

AV-Online (Hungarian) – Read Review
“A level of detailed sound and bass output you’d expect from a much more expensive subwoofer…it blended amazingly well with our speakers and provided a level of low end support that made the whole experience soar, which is a real virtue for subwoofers.”

NewRecordDay.com (video) review by Ron Brenay, Watch Video
“I am gonna declare the SVS PC-2000 as refined as it gets at its asking price of $800. If you are in the market for a powerhouse sub that’s gonna kick the snot out of you when you ask for it while painting magical soundscapes of detail rich bass at the same time, I wouldn’t hesitate a second to recommend adding this sub to the shopping cart and never looking back. Well done SVS.”

Reference Home Theater, Review by Stephen Hornbrook, Read Review

"The SVS PC-2000 will provide the dynamic low frequency punch every good home theater needs...it will get your house shaking… easily makes our recommended list.”


Lifewire, Review by Robert Silva, Read Review

“Overall, the PC-2000 provided a clean, deep, and forceful bass response… excellent with both music and movies… and can really put out a lot of deep bass for a reasonable price.”


Electronic House Awards the PC-2000 2015 Product of the Year,  View Award

With a footprint measuring just 16.5 inches in diameter, the PC-2000 delivers unmatched bass performance per square-inch of floor space and comes standard with the Soundpath Subwoofer Isolation System.”

Home Theater Forum, Review by Sam Posten, Read Review

"I had to watch it again and again to make sure I wasn't just fooling myself. It really is that good… Solid performance, striking design, exceptional build quality and all at a price point that is remarkable for what you get."

Area DVD, German Review, Read Review.

"Sound depth, differentiation, and volume - everything was absolutely top notch/top level. (Tiefgang, Staffelung, Volumen – alles absolut auf Top-Level.)"

Производитель   SVS
Страна производитель США
Тип   Напольная
Назначение   Сабвуфер
Тип акустической системы   Активная
Акустическое оформление   Фазоинверторного типа
Мощность 500.0 (Вт)
Максимальная мощность   1100.0 (Вт)
Минимальная частота   16 (Гц)
Максимальная частота   260 (Гц)
Цвет корпуса   Черный
Гарантийный срок   60 (мес)
Состояние Новое
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  • Цена: 21 840 грн.