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Полочні акустичні системи SVS Ultra Bookshelf
  • Полочні акустичні системи SVS Ultra Bookshelf, фото 2
  • Полочні акустичні системи SVS Ultra Bookshelf, фото 3

Полочні акустичні системи SVS Ultra Bookshelf

  • Немає в наявності

56 228 ₴/пара

+380 (66) 473-84-68
  • +380 (67) 112-50-28
повернення товару протягом 14 днів за рахунок покупця
Полочні акустичні системи SVS Ultra Bookshelf
Полочні акустичні системи SVS Ultra BookshelfНемає в наявності
56 228 ₴/пара
+380 (66) 473-84-68
  • +380 (67) 112-50-28
Інформація для замовлення

Повна акустика SVS Ultra відрізняються  шикарної динамікою ( чудово справляються з агресивними стилями музики, де інші колонки "продають"), а їх щільному та потужному басу може позаздрити чимало підлог.


Consumer Digest Awards SVS Ultra Bookshelf as “Best Buy” for Stereo Speakers

“The SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker is a repeat Best Buy selection, because it produces hearty bass and full sounds unlike any other stereo speakers that we heard in this price range. This bookshelf model produces sound that rivals that of larger tower speakers.”


The Master Switch, Ultra Bookshelf Review & Award for Best Bookshelf Speaker of 2016, Read Review
“Superb clarity, classy looks, a wide soundstage and an unbelievable low end. The SVS Ultra is the Best Bookshelf speaker under $1,000.”


Z Reviews, Ultra Bookshelf Speaker Review (Video), Watch Video
“The imaging and depth are astonishing even at high volume. Blows my mind. They have the Wow. Absolutely the best speakers I’ve heard. Period.”

Ultra Bookshelf receives 2015 Consumers Digest Best Buy Award – BEHIND PAYWALL

“We found that the Ultra Bookshelf delivers bass and sound that’s as that of stereo speakers that cost twice as much.  We also found that no other speaker that cost less than $1,500 deliver tonal range that’s as accurate as what this model produces.”


Reference Home Theater, Review by Chris Heinonen, Read Review

"…the Ultra Bookshelf has no trouble filling a room. It is a very impressive speaker, even when compared to those costing 50% more… Great bass, good depth to music, good soundstage, very nice build quality."

Ultra Bookshelf Receives the Audioholics 2014 Product of the Year Award, Read Review

“If you’re looking for a high performance, attractive bookshelf speaker that can truly deliver on that “better than being there” experience for around $1k/pair, then you owe it to yourself to try these out”


CNET.com, Review by Steve Guttenberg, Read Review
“…was mightily impressed with their sound… the Ultra Bookshelfs' clarity and poise under pressure that made the strongest positive impression…”

The Ultra Bookshelf Receives Beststuff.com's 2014 Editor’s Choice Award, Read Review

“Audiophiles take heed: The design, performance, and price make the SVS Ultra Bookshelf the perfect option for the last set of Bookshelf speakers you’ll ever need to purchase.”


Audioholics, Review by Gene DellaSala, Read Review

“There is so much to like about these speakers and so little to complain about. They offer a very balanced sound, with great dynamic capabilities... the best value in high performance bookshelf speakers!”

HomeTheaterReview.com, Review by Andrew Robinson, Read Review

“Cutting right to the chase, the Ultra Bookshelf speaker from SVS is a phenomenal achievement and arguably my favorite of the new Ultra series. The build quality is beyond reproach, as is SVS' commitment to its customers. The Ultra Bookshelf's sound is one of incredible musicality, possessing enough of the stuff audiophiles crave, but at a more Everyman price. I even found that, in certain situations, a subwoofer (SVS offers many) may not be necessary, making the Ultra Bookshelf far more versatile than most smaller two-way bookshelf speakers. While it's not perfect nor without competition,

the Ultra Bookshelf should be on your must-audition list if you're in the market for a solid pair of affordable bookshelf loudspeakers.”

Audio|Video Revolution, Andre Marc, Read Review

"...the Ultras captured the music's spirit so beautifully I could not help but get lost in the hypnotic beats. Goosebump moments, for sure...the Ultras have a big sound not often found in stand mount designs. Before spending a bunch more, I highly suggest checking out SVS -- you might just find that far more expensive brands offer little, or nothing, more. Highly Recommended."


Positive Feedback, Review by Steve Lefkowicz, Read Review.

“These speakers disappeared and got out of the music's way better than any of the speakers I've tried in my system over the past several years.…the Ultra Bookshelf, on its own, is one of the very few affordably priced smallish stand-mounted speakers I wholeheartedly can recommend.”


AudioHead, HiFi Audio Reviews, Read Review

"The SVS Ultra Bookshelf … exceeded my overall expectations… It leaves the listener with the sensation that they are sitting in the front row, not the back."

HomeTheaterReview.com, Review by Sean Killebrew, Read Review

“The strongest statement I can make about the SVS Ultra Bookshelf speakers is that, about midway through critical listening, I started scheming for a way to buy them. Yes, they're that good”


Positive Feedback, Review by Victor Chavira, Read Review

 “One evening, I invited an esteemed colleague with over thirty years of experience in audio arts. He brought a vast variety of songs on his music dedicated laptop. Each song played inspired different song or another direction and on it went for several hours into the night. Finally, towards the end he asked about the price of Ultra's and he shook his head and smiled in disbelief. "I know!" I said.”

Malaysian Webzine Audiofi.net, Review, Read Review

“The SVS Ultra bookshelf speakers are well-built, look slick and most importantly, sound great…The fact that they cost just under a grand a pair is quite amazing… A great effort from SVS… recommended.”


Максимальна частота32000 Гц
Чутливість87 дБ
Потужність150 Вт
Мінімальна частота45 Гц
Країна виробникСША
Кількість смуг2
ПризначенняФронтальний гучномовець
Акустичне оформленняФазоінверторного типу
Тип акустичної системиПасивна
Гарантійний термін60 міс
  • Ціна: 56 228 ₴/пара

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